Home Practice

Success in this program is contingent on :

  • Daily Practice

  • Daily Listening

  • Regular Lessons

  • Attending Group Class


Students are expected to practice every day.


Listening is arguably the most important (and easiest!) part of your student’s music education. The more students and parents listen, the quicker students learn new repertoire, and our lessons can focus on refining rather than learning notes. This applies to all levels of study from our youngest students to the most advanced!

Parent Involvement

For young students, parents are the ‘home-teacher’ during the week. This means taking notes during the lesson and giving reminders of the focus of that week’s lesson, as well as designating and supporting a daily practice time.


Studio Events

Violin Suzuki Group Class

Group class will be held the 1st Friday of each month.


All H-Town string students participate in a recital at the end of each semester. 


Instrument of good quality

We want all students to have the ability to make a beautiful sound, if the instrument is poorly made, the student will never be able to achieve that and the students motivation will suffer. We suggest renting from, Lisle Violin Shop, Golds Violin Shop, Amati Violin Shop.

Instrument of the correct size

Playing on an instrument of the incorrect size hinders progress, and leads to posture trouble. Renting is such a great option for growing students, as when we are ready for the next size, it is just a swap. 


For Violinists: Shoulder rest or sponge, please ask your teacher to size this before you purchase. 

For cellists: a chair or adjustable stool of the correct height and a rockstop

Practice Book

H-Town Strings will provide each student with a free practice book. This should come to every lesson. If practice book is lost during the year, the family will be charged to replace it. 


Absence Policy

Teacher Absence

The teacher may need to reschedule a lesson to accommodate a performance, rehearsal or illness. In that event, the lesson will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time.

Student Absence

There are no make-up lessons. In the event where you are unable to make a lesson you may either:

1)     Use the swap list to contact another student to switch lessons.

2)     Have a FaceTime or Skype lesson at your scheduled lesson time.

3)     Send a video to your teacher before your lesson starts and receive written feedback.

Discontinuation of Lessons

In the event you need to discontinue lessons, please inform the teacher as soon as possible. One month’s notice is required.


Tuition is based on the length and location of the lesson. Please use the contact page to tell us more about you and we will be in touch with this information and set up a trial lesson.